TWIG is ready to redefine real-estate in Australia by providing you with a hybrid management system to ensure you get the most out of your investments. We offer a full service solution; from short stay to long stay, we can also assist you when the time comes to sell your property.

The property management industry doesn’t do enough to support investors, and at TWIG we won’t settle for mediocre. TWIG is an acronym for our values and our burning desire to create an environment based on the pillars of –

Trust, Wealth, Innovation and Growth


As your trusted partner, TWIG prides itself on delivering a holistic approach to property management, which protects your financial future.

Leveraging knowledge and experience, our passionate team have worked hard to create a combination of processes and procedures that focuses on delivering a stress-free approach to lease management. We ensure the appropriate care and attention to detail is implemented, to minimise costs and vacancies in order to protect the value of your investment and yield the greatest financial return.

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We take care of every aspect of hosting your guests

We offer a comprehensive Airbnb management service and take care of every step of the process for you, so that you can generate above market returns effortlessly. We run each property like a small hotel where we’re in business with you.

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Success Stories

I would strongly recommend Annamaria to anyone thinking of selling their property in Melbourne.

Annamaria made the process easy. Right from the start Annamaria communicated well and coordinated the process so we knew what was going on at all times. Being an interstate seller I didn’t have to stress about anything as Annamaria had it all under control. I would strongly recommend Annamaria to anyone thinking of selling their property in Melbourne.


Annamaria exemplified great professionalism and high standards.

Annamaria exemplified great professionalism and high standards that Ubertas demands from their real estate agents. Annamaria was attentive in understanding my needs and was very methodical in ensuring that I was comfortable in the negotiation, inspection and closing process. Despite her tender years she delivered on her promises and responded in a professional and timely manner making the interstate purchase of our property an easy process.

Effie Yiannoulis

Annamaria is extremely helpful and always endeavors to assist with our requests.

Annamaria has been wonderful in helping us to purchase our apartment. She always goes out of her way to assist us with our requests are always ensures to respond in a timely manner. You can tell that she really cares about keeping her clients happy and that is a really wonderful quality to have in this industry.

Buyer Review

Annamaria was an Outstanding Agent!

Annamaria was an outstanding agent. There was a lot of stress for me in the selling process, as the property was one I had purchased on the recommendation of the property spruiker ParkTrent and I sold for less than I paid. But Annamaria did everything she could to assist me. She helped restore my trust in real estate agents.


Annamaria made the selling process so easy, with her quick responses and efficient coordination.

Annamaria has made the selling process so easy, with her quick responses and efficient coordination of all parties involved. She managed to find a buyer with such quick turnaround and at a good price considering the current market conditions. With myself (the seller) being based in London, I did not have to worry at all about anything as Annamaria had everything under control. This was my first time dealing with a sales agent in the capacity as a seller and it has definitely been very positive.